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From a Mechanical Soft Diet to the Clear Liquid Diet

Yes, my diet was “downgraded,” as we say in the healthcare world. I was temporarily not allowed the mechanical soft diet I was following. Instead, I was on a clear liquid diet. Luckily, it was brief. For me, it was less than one a day, just long enough for there to be no solid food in my system when the doctors ran tests. But some patients can be on a clear liquid diet for days.  So, I thought it’d be helpful to answer some questions about clear liquid diets…

Ice Cream Diet: When You Can Only Tolerate Soft Foods

A year ago, if someone had told me I was going to be living on ice cream, yogurt, and smoothies, I’d have been pretty happy. When I actually have to do it, I dread my next meal.  For once, I don’t want to eat. Every swallow hurts.  I was encouraged to eat a diet of soft foods, like yogurt and ice cream, until additional medical testing could be completed. So, I bought three flavors of ice cream and four of yogurt. I bought flavors and brands I like regardless of the price, telling myself I’d need the calories if everything else hurts too much. But the fact is, even a bowl of warm, melted ice cream is hard for me to get through. It tastes good in my mouth, but I get stabbing pains along my esophagus once food or beverages enter it. And doctors don’t know why yet.


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