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Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Bake Recipe

This versatile recipe can be used as oatmeal drop cookies or an oatmeal snack bar, not just as a breakfast bake.   To skip to the recipe, click here . A reader requested I get back to the original focus of the blog—healthy “junk” food.  Whether you consider this recipe healthy junk food or not, is up to you. Some of you might think it’s not healthy because it has fat from peanut butter and oil, while others may think it has too many carbs. Personally, I think this is a healthy recipe. You’ll get fiber from the oats and banana, while getting protein from the peanut butter. And, there's no added sugar. It will also depend on the ingredients you use.   For example, I used organic vanilla extract, not artificial vanillin.  I also opted for natural peanut butter, made from just peanuts, oil, and sugar. To me, that's healthier than peanut butters made with a lot of additives. One major name brand peanut butter has this long list of ingredients: Peanuts


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