Health Food or Junk Food: Flavored Applesauce

Over the past month, I’ve looked at several healthy-seeming snack foods and shown you which aren’t as healthy as you might think. 

Today, I have one more snack for you…Flavored squeezable applesauce pouches. 

You might be thinking, “No way is that healthy. It has to be full of added sugar and artificial flavoring.”

But that’s not true. At least, it’s not true for Musselman’sSqueezables. I’d call these a health food.

In addition to unsweetened applesauce, Musselman’s Squeezables come in fun flavors: Sour Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Sour Lemon, Strawberry, and Honey Cinnamon. 
None of them contain artificial flavors or artificial colors. The Honey Cinnamon applesauce contains honey, but none of the others contain added sugars. 

The main ingredient, of course, is apples. The three berry-flavored ones contain raspberry puree, cherry puree, and strawberry puree respectively. The lemon one contains lemon juice. Of course, there’s cinnamon in the Honey Cinnamon one. There’s a little bit of ascorbic acid and citric acid in them, which might sound scary but are safe, natural acids found in fruit, one of which provides Vitamin C.

All of these ingredients are natural and healthy; so I see no reason to label this as junk food.

Disclaimer: I got a free sample of Musselman’s Squeezables at a convention. However, I was not asked to write an article about it. I received no compensation for this article.


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