Mental Health Month: Aluminum and Alzheimer's

 For the final Mental Health Month post, I tackle aluminum...

Does eating products in aluminum cans cause dementia?


There are studies that suggest people with Alzheimer’s dementia have higher amounts of aluminum in their brain cells and in the blood vessels near the brain.

However, this aluminum may not come have come from canned foods and drinks….

Do we absorb aluminum when we drink or eat products sold in cans?

Not much. 

Pharmacists Jacqueline Barber and Gordon wrote, “Under normal circumstances less than 1% of ingested aluminum is absorbed from the GI tract1.” They continued to explain that 95% of what is absorbed is then excreted by the kidneys, just like other waste products. 

People with aluminum in their brains may have been exposed to it through contaminated injections or IV infusions.

Can I drink from aluminum cans and cook with aluminum foil?

It’s probably safe to drink beverages sold in aluminum cans. Aluminum foil and disposable aluminum pans are probably safe to use. 

Everything in moderation, of course.

Next Month:  I'm planning more posts on intuitive eating, mindful eating, and, yes, junk food!

1.  Written in The ASPEN Adult Nutrition Support Core Curriculum, 2nd Edition.


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