How My Diet Has Changed

I will be honest. I have not always been a good eater. Even after I became interested in nutrition, my diet was not as good as it is today. 

Fifteen years ago (or more!), I decided to become a dietitian & started learning about nutrition...I switched from eating one processed breakfast to another, though. I cut back on processed toaster pastries & replaced them with cereal. Less calories & sugar means it's healthier, right? At least, that's what I thought. 

I still eat cereal on occasion, because it is convenient. But, now, I look for something with nuts & seeds for protein. Other protein choices at breakfast include cottage cheese, yogurt, and tofu. Several brands of frozen waffles & pancakes offer higher-protein versions. Occasionally, I will eat eggs or vegetarian sausages. (I don't eat meat, but meat is another protein choice.)

For lunch, I often ate peanut butter on bread, carrots, & applesauce. That's four food groups--protein, grains, vegetables, & fruit...which is true, but I now know that a varied diet is also important. 

Lunches nowadays vary. I often like to have leftovers. I might pack a salad, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Sometimes, I enjoy finger foods like hummus w/carrots or celery, cheese stick, nuts, fruit, etc. (Some people say that hummus doesn't make a good meal because 2 tablespoons has only 2 grams of protein. But I often eat more than 2 tablespoons. I also pair it with other foods that also provide protein.) If I'm home, I will prepare something, such as a quesadilla or stir-fry.

I also used to drink orange juice & milk multiple times a day. Both provide important nutrients, like vitamin C & calcium respectively. I still drink 1 cup of milk most days. But back then, I wasn't drinking water...none. I thought water was so plain compared to other drinks.

I won't lie & claims I jumped right into drinking 8 cups of water a day. I eased into it. I started with 16 oz flavored water each day.  I then introduced herbal tea, which is mostly water but with natural flavors from mint, orange peel, chamomile, ginger or other plants. These days, I carry a 32 oz reusable water bottle to work daily & always have a glass of plain water sitting on my dining room table. 

I am proof that changing your eating & drinking habits is possible. 

How have your eating habits changed for the better (or worse)?


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