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Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Nutrition Credentials

On blogs and social media, you run into a lot of different acronyms. I get a lot of questions about the letters after people's names, such as RDN, CNS, CNSC,  and CDE.
You might be wondering, "What do these mean? Which professional is the right one for me? Can I trust them?" I'll help you sort through these questions...
But first, you want to know the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian, visit my previous post on that topic.
What do these acronyms mean?

Mental Health Month: Aluminum and Alzheimer's

For the final Mental Health Month post, I tackle aluminum...
Does eating products in aluminum cans cause dementia?
There are studies that suggest people with Alzheimer’s dementia have higher amounts of aluminum in their brain cells and in the blood vessels near the brain.
However, this aluminum may not come have come from canned foods and drinks….

Mental Health Month: Chocolate on the Brain

This month is Mental Health Month and I’m answering questions about foods’ effect on mental health.
One common question I get, especially from women, is, “Does chocolate actually help me feel better?”
Researchers as IMDEA Food Institute in Spain and the University of Padova in Italy reviewed 17 studies in humans and determined that the polyphenols in chocolate, tea, and coffee help protect the brain from depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Month: Aspartame, Mood, and Moderation

May is Mental Health Month and I’ve been getting questions about food’s effect on mental health, especially junk food. 
One common question is, “Do diet drinks affect the brain and cause depression?”
In particular, the artificial sweetener aspartame, found in diet soda, is often blamed.
Aspartame has been studied

Vegan Gnocchi: When Carbs + More Carbs = Dinner


A Dietitian's Brownies for Football Sunday


New Year: Time to Cleanse? Part 3: Alternative Options

We've made it through almost 3 whole weeks in a new year! Time flies, doesn't it?

Even though we're getting further away from the "New Year, New You" stage, I'm still hearing people talk about starting the year "right" with a "cleanse" or "detox."

The past two weeks, we've discussed why that's not necessary and may even be harmful.

But, if I've learned anything from being a dietitian and from being a patient myself, it's that people don't always listen to healthcare professionals.

So, if I can't totally dissuade you from a cleanse or detox, here are 3 better ways...