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New Year: Time to Cleanse? (Part 1: Detoxifying)

In the New Year, we often hear about juice cleanses and detox diets to “start the year off right” or “jumpstart weight loss” or “undo the effects of holiday indulgences.”
But are they really necessary? What are the risks and benefits? Are they safe? 
I'll explore these questions and more in a 3 part series. Let's begin...
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A Dietitian's Brownies for Football Sunday

New Year: Time to Cleanse? Part 3: Alternative Options

We've made it through almost 3 whole weeks in a new year! Time flies, doesn't it?

Even though we're getting further away from the "New Year, New You" stage, I'm still hearing people talk about starting the year "right" with a "cleanse" or "detox."

The past two weeks, we've discussed why that's not necessary and may even be harmful.

But, if I've learned anything from being a dietitian and from being a patient myself, it's that people don't always listen to healthcare professionals.

So, if I can't totally dissuade you from a cleanse or detox, here are 3 better ways...

New Year: Time to Cleanse? (Part 2: Safety)

Last week, we discussed why it’s not necessary to follow a detox diet or a juice cleanse.

But, just because it’s not necessary, that doesn’t mean you won’t try one. 
Chocolate isn’t necessary, but many of us eat it. 
Everything comes with it's own risks and benefits…

Bettering Ourselves Part 2: Mental Health

This blog usually focuses on food. But there’s so much more to health and wellness than that. 
As a Registered Dietitian, I recognize that and often play the role of “wellness coach,” helping people find the resources they need.

I also am often part of an interdisciplinary team a.k.a. a health care team. Health care professionals don't work alone. We work together and know when to refer clients (patients) to other professionals.

So, even though I can't treat your mental health directly, I can direct you those who can...