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A Dietitian's Brownies for Football Sunday

                I was invited to a potluck party to watch the big football game…at the last minute.                 What!? I love preparing food to share with others. But, I’d rather have advance notice.                 My usual potluck favorites: fruit salad, quinoa salad, hummus with crackers or vegetable chips, or dessert with a dietitian twist.                 Well, I didn’t have enough fruit for fruit salad and I was missing the sauce I usually add to my quinoa salad. I’d already gone grocery shopping and didn’t want to go back out to find any special ingredients.                 So, I thought about what I did have and how I could make something special without a special ingredient. I realized I had white and green sprinkles. (I may not be a football fan, but I know my local team's colors.)                 I first thought I’d make sugar cookies, but the dough is better if it chills first. Not to mention, I still haven’t perfected an eggless sugar cookie.     


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