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Avoiding Fast Food While Busy and Broke

If you saw my diet post , you’ll see it’s possible to avoid fast food when you have a busy schedule and limited funds. I work a part-time job for minimum wage ($7.25/hr), work a full time unpaid internship, and attend graduate-level night classes (required for my internship). I received no financial aid for said classes, not even a loan, and my undergrad loan is in repayment.  Thus, I’m busy and broke. But I NEVER eat fast food (not even so called "healthy" fast food). Here’s how…  

Double Trouble: Two Simple Chocolate Recipes for Valentine's Day or Any Day

 Need a gluten-free and/or vegan treat for your Valentine?  After the jump, I'll share a simple recipe for vegan peanut butter cups and chocolate-dipped cookies. If, like me, you don't have someone special to share Valentine's Day with, you can make these simple chocolate treats for yourself.


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