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3 Supplements I Most Often Recommend To My Clients

When I first decided to become a registered dietitian nutritionist, I thought the bulk of my job would be educating people on how to make healthier choices. But, I learned that nutrition isn't just about reading food labels to make healthier choices at the grocery store. A large part of my current work is recommending supplements. Here are the 3 supplements I most often recommend to my current clients and why... #1: Multivitamin This probably is not a surprise. Most clients come to a dietitian because they aren't eating well. If they aren't eating well, they aren't getting enough vitamins & minerals. So, of course, I recommend a multivitamin-multimineral supplement. The particular multivitamin formula does vary. Clients who are menstruating often need more iron, for example. Some formulations, like the New Chapter Every Woman's One Daily Whole Food Multi, provide more than just vitamins & minerals. This product includes adaptogenic herbs, like eleuthero &am

From New Year's Resolutions to Healthy Habits

One of my main goals as a dietitian isn't to get the client to lose weight. I never recommend someone make a New Year's resolution to lose 30 pounds. Instead, I encourage clients to set a goals to form  healthy habits. Healthier habits might result in weight loss, but it's more important to form healthy eating habits than to have quick weight loss.  As we head towards the New Year, here are two healthy habits to consider...


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