Sample No Sugar Added Meal Plan

Yesterday, we discussed things to think about before deciding to avoid added sugar for your New Year's Resolution. Today, I present a sample meal plan taken from my own life.


Banana and oatmeal cooked in milk, vanilla, ground flaxseed and cinnamon

Tip: Flavored oatmeal packets contain sugar, but you can easily and quickly make your own flavored oatmeal by adding extracts, spices, fruit, etc.)

Another Breakfast Idea: I have been making no-sugar-added scones for years without any sugar substitues! It's flour, baking powder, butter, and your choice of mix-ins. The scone pictured above was made with cinnamon and raisins, but you can use other dried fruits, other spices, nuts, extracts, flavored oils, cacao nibs, anything.

Morning Snack:

Unsweetened tea with dried fruit mix (dried apple, dried strawberries, and dried currants)

Tip: Not all dried fruit has no added sugar, so read the ingredients of packaged dried fruits or make your own.  You can dehydrate fruit in an oven or microwave (or a dehydrator if you want to spend the money on one).


Pierogis with onion and parmesan cheese, cooked in canola oil

Afternoon snack:

pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Colby cheese, popcorn (from corn I grew, popped in oil)

One tablespoon of hulled sunflower seeds will add 2 g protein to your sugar free meal or snack.


Stir Fry: White rice, egg white, carrots, broccoli, sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy-roasted sunflower seeds

Tip: Packaged stir-fry sauces contain added sugar. But I love the taste and smell of sesame oil. Pour it on top of the finished product; if you use it for frying, itll cook off.


Sugar Free Chocolate, sweetened with sorbitol (I didn’t even eat the whole individual-serving bag; I just wanted a little bit to satisfy my sweet tooth.) 

Another Dessert Idea: A lot of people like homemade “ice cream” made from banana puree but I prefer chia pudding. Simply soak chia seeds in liquid of your choice; I prefer milk. You can add vanilla extract, cocoa powder, cinnamon, sugar substitutes, etc. for additional flavor and sweetness. 


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