Bettering Ourselves Part 2: Mental Health

This blog usually focuses on food. But there’s so much more to health and wellness than that. 

As a Registered Dietitian, I recognize that and often play the role of “wellness coach,” helping people find the resources they need.

I also am often part of an interdisciplinary team a.k.a. a health care team. Health care professionals don't work alone. We work together and know when to refer clients (patients) to other professionals.

So, even though I can't treat your mental health directly, I can direct you those who can...

You don't need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from talking to someone. Maven Clinic allows you to talk to professionals without leaving your home, thanks to telehealth sessions. This means you can video chat with a counselor or psychiatric nurse practitioner. They do not take insurance. Subscriptions are available, in which you’ll pay for a month rather than for each visit. This may help you save money if you want to video chat with a counselor weekly. Also available as an iPhone app.  

Although Psychology Today is a magazine, their website offers helpful resources. If you're wondering if you have depression or another mental illness, you can complete a self-test on their website. These tests don't just focus on diagnoses, but also include tests on relationships, concentration, and anger managment, for  example. If you take a test and decide to seek treatment, their website includes  databases of treatment centers, therapists, psychiatrists, and support groups.

NAMI offers various services in the United States, including in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. This organization runs free support groups for those who “live with mental illness” (have a diagnosis) and their families. Some areas run support groups specifically for parents or spouses. Services vary depending on region. To find services in your area, visit

I know that there are MANY more resources available for people struggling with their mental health. I wanted to keep this list short. More importantly, I wanted to share sites that would be available nationally, not just locally. Feel free to list other resources in the comments.

I am not affiliated with any of these organizations.


The information provided in this blog is not intended to replace individualized medical advice provided by your own doctor, dietitian, or other healthcare professional.
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